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Avalon"the return of the eighties"

In February 2006 the release of 'The Final Move" of Avalon is expected. This cult band of eighties sympho, hardrock metal has tried to be forgotten but is always remembered by underground metal lovers over the world for their keen arrangements, catchy songs and intricate guitar parts. Fans of days past got the band to do a reunion tour and re-release the mini album "The Third Move" which is much sought after on the internet. The band had numerous line ups and there is a lot of unreleased material. This all will lead to "The Final Move" to finish of this chapter with eighties highlights.

Some people who were in the band:

Richard Muermans (vocals)
Jack Pisters (guitars)
Maarten Huiskamp (guitars)
Eric Fox (bas)
Jacques Kraal (Drums, Angels of Decay)
Giovanni Pileri (keyboards, Horizon & Robbie Valentine)
Jan van Dinteren (bas)
Frankie Woodhouse (drums, Jewel)
Jos Zoomer (drums, Vandenburg & Shiver)
Peter Struyk (vocals, Horizon, Vandenburg & First Avenue)
Marije Driessen (vocals)

The band will get together in a combination line up wich will bring back the best the band has to offer.

Check News for information about the release.

The first pressing of the AVALON album 'The Third Move' is now a highly sought after rarity. The original is graced with 'amateur' sleeve art, subsequent pressings having a more professionally executed sleeve based on the same concept. Read More Copyright: 2001-2004 Musicdetector Websites

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