ARTISTS -- S O Y L E N T  G R E E N --

Soylent Green (re-release of the well received Nutrient debut album)

According to Oor magazine, Soylent Green, a band characterised by a uniquely approach to music, unites the power and adventure of seventies rock and the atmosphere of eighties new wave with pulsing, intelligent and rhythmically intertwined keyboards of the nineties. Soylent Green's debut: A smash hit with "Nutrient"

The album was produced by Hans Weekhout & Jack Pisters. Hans Weekhout is known for productions with Ian Gillan, Falco, Prince as well as dance acts such as Capricorn and Network. Currently he's a member of producer collective Peplab and owns his own private studio complex.

Soylent Green consisted of

Jack Pisters (guitar & sitar, formerly Avalon)
Marco van der Aar (vocals, formerly Bullit)
Martin van den Oetelaar (keyboards)
Eric Fox (bass, formerly Avalon)
Jos Zoomer (drums, formerly Vandenberg).

The album was released by DAWA in the Benelux, by Hypertension in Germany and by Dolfin records in Japan.