latest update : 05-24-2007

GARY LUCAS new record "Coming Clean" has been released on Queen's Day (April 30th 2007). Gary and his superband Gods and Monsters have been playing two fantastic shows in Tivoli (Utrecht - NL) and the Melkweg (Amsterdam - NL). DAWA band S.C.A.R. supported Lucas during his Dutch shows. The Melkweg concert has been recorded and broadcasted by NPS. The next day Lucas played a secret solo concert in the Paard van Troje (The Hague - NL) after doing a workshop for Koorenhuis students. Get your copy today from our online music store.

CLAYBORN - rocks the Belgium Play Festival in Hasselt! After playing a kick ass show in Exit (Rotterdam - NL), which has been their number 100 show, the band travelled all the way to Belgium to promote their debut album "Every Dog Has Its Day". The Belgium Play Festival showcases national and international upcoming musical talents.

A DAY'S WORK is back! After supporting superband Marrillion in Paris and Holland, the band will be playing more gigs near their hometown. During their short Marrillion tour they sold more then 200 copies of their debut album "A Home In The Rain". On May 25th they will be joining S.C.A.R, Clayborn and upcoming Peptide Music talent Furistic during the Dawa Records Roadshow in Bazart (The Hague - NL).

JACK PISTERS. joins After Forever at CD presentation After playing sitar on the "Decipher" album and the new release "After Forever", Jack also joined the band on stage for sevaral songs. The band has a strong connection with eastern atmospheres and wanted to enhance this special occasion with this traditional Indian instrument. Jack has played sitar on several albums of After Forever, Ayreon, Eddy The Clerque, Skitsoy and his own bands S.C.A.R. and Soylent Green. Check it out!

DAWA RECORDS - Friday the 17th of November will be another night of Rock Mayhem at the Atlantis venue in Alkmaar.
The bands S.C.A.R., A Day's work and of course Clayborn will get together for another edition of the DAWA RECORDS Roadshow. This night will be certainly special because of the fresh release of the Clayborn Clan.

S.C.A.R. "Secret Community for Adventurous Rock" will be performing with a smashing new line up on the Atlantis stage in Alkmaar. The band will be performing at the "DAWA RECORDS ROADSHOW” after two convincing try out gigs at Langweiligkeit 7 festival in The Hague and club Stiels in Haarlem. Check them out and be surprised!

GRIFFIN'S Record will be available in stores next week.
The Neder-grunge masterpiece has found it's ultimate form with great sound and award level artwork!
The band is currently touring with Dommelsch "Locals Only" and will be presenting their newborn baby at "Waterfront Rotterdam" at December 8. Fans will come with a bus loaded with their Dommelsch and support their "boys from next door" on their straight line to "Rock'n Roll".

JACK PISTERS has been adding some Sitar tracks on the new After Forever record. After tracking on the "Decipher" Album in 2001, the band wanted to use this beautiful and deep instrument again on their new release for the "Nuclear Blast" label. This production will take the band onto the next level of their distinctive metal style and was brilliantly recorded by top producer Gordon Groothedde (Absent Minded, Intwine).

CLAYBORN'S debut album "Every Dog Has Its Day" is out now and surpassing everybody's high expectations. Their full-length debut album is in stores available from mid November and will be supported by their great live extravaganza. This week the clip for their first single "The Mission" will be finished by director Stef Brok who has done an amazing job in capturing the band's energy, madness and spirit. Check their interview in December's Up-magazine.

GARY LUCAS is getting great reviews all over the world for his upcoming DAWA release "Coming Clean". The guitar mastermind with his alternative supergroup is getting the credits for his lifetime pioneering and creative skills and proves to be at the top of his game. Gary currently has been working on the new record of Chris Cornell (Soundgarden & Audioslave) with producer Steve Lillywhite (U2). We all know what Gary can do if he gets a great voice to work with.

AVALON has been support act for rock icons Uriah Heep in a
great show in the "Hanenhof" in Geleen. 450 people watched the show and were thrilled by this great night of classic rock.
This venue is real special for the band because of the great shows in the eighties during the "Gelaender Rocknight".

A DAY'S WORK have now completed their line up and are ready for the next chapter. Marrilion wants them to perform on their fanclub convention and the band gets raving reviews for their debut album "A Home In The Rain".

Their German show supporting Riverside went really well and there's interest from Germany for this melodic New Wave Rock Record.


CLAYBORN wants YOU to join them during their releaseparty in Exit, Rotterdam! The band will be presenting their full-length album "Every Dog Has Its Day". This album will be in stores on November 7th, but tomorrow you can get your copy already!

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DAWA will be on Radio Ramonaaa tonight! Jack Pisters and Jaimie van Hek will tell you everything about the next DAWA RECORDS ROADSHOW in the Paard van Troje. Also Crazy Jane and Kurt (Clayborn) will perform one acoustic song live on air! Listen to Radio Ramonaaa between 8 and 9 pm on Midfliet FM (107.2 fm)

update : 09-22-2006

GARY LUCAS is coming to Holland! Next week he will play Paradox in Amsterdam on the 27th. On Thursday October 28th Gary and DAWA will meet up to make the recorddeal official. Dawa will release Gary's album "Coming Clean" in January 2007. Check out the DAWA tourguide for more upcoming Gary dates!


DAWA presents a new DAWA RECORDS ROADSHOW in The Hague! A Day's Work, S.C.A.R. and Clayborn will perform on October 12th in the Paard van Troje with a three band Adventurous Rock Night, showcasing the label's exciting music. Check them out and get hooked by the great live shows of these DAWA bands!

CLAYBORN's new record "Every Dog Has Its Day" will be in stores on November 7th 2006. The band is currently finishing mixing at Groenland Studios and the record will be mastered by top producer Attie Bauw. There will be a release party and press preview on October 7th in the Rotterdam club "Exit". This show will be filmed and broadcasted on TV Rijnmond. The label is thrilled by their new material and will start a full scale promo mayhem. The band will shoot a clip in November to support their energetic debutalbum.

update : 09-16-2006

GRIFFIN has finished their debutalbum "Not Wise Enough To Think Smart". The record was mixed at Groenland Studio by Hans Ravestein and Jack Pisters and mastered this week at Bauhaus by Attie Bauw. Results are absolute smashing and everybody is excited about the upcoming release. The band is finishing video shoots on their first clip. We will definiteley preview shots soon.

A DAY'S WORK debutalbum "A Home In The Rain" is out now! After some raving reviews the record's finally available in the shops. The band wil be also supporting Marillion again on their fanclub weekend and does a support act for Riverside in Germany AND they will support Golden Earing during their show in De Waerdse Tempel. Check them out at their great live shows!

AVALON will be supporting rockicon "Uriah Heep" during their show at "De Hanenhof" in Geleen (NL) on November 7th this year. Their double album "The Final Move" will be released on September 15th.

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update : 09-09-2006

CLAYBORN The release of the upcoming Clayborn-album has been postponed to October 2006. On this moment the band is still finetuning their full-length debutalbum "Every Dog Has Its Day". The show in Nighttown is ofcourse cancelled due the temporary closing of the venue. Check the Clayborn site for latest news and spicy details!

update : 07-28-2006

DAWA RECORDS presents the DAWA RECORDS ROADSHOW. Dawa goes on tour with four bands : A DAY'S WORK, CLAYBORN, GRIFFIN & S.C.A.R. Every show containes three bands who will present their album. The first show will be on the 4th of August in Desmet Studio's, Amsterdam (NL).

TIME : 20.30 H			ENTRANCE :  € 4,-


GRIFFIN has been selected by 3FM radio as unknown talent of the week. They are now being promoted by 3FM (Dutch radiostation).

CLAYBORN will release their full-length album "Every Dog Has It's Day" on August 25th in Nighttown, Rotterdam (NL). Last year they released their EP "Kiss Me" by Dawa.

GRIFFIN joins Dawa Records and will release their album "Not Wise Enough To Think Smart" very soon.

AVALON releases all their remastered works containing the legendary mini album "The Third Move". They added four new re-recorded tracks and lots of previously unreleased material. The double album, called "The Final Move" was mastered by metal-legend Attie Bauw.

A DAY'S WORK releases their full-length debutalbum "A Home In The Rain". The band was personally chosen as support act by supergroup "Marillion" on some of the dates of their European tour.

S.C.A.R. plays two fantastic shows as support act for Keith Caputo. Currently their first video is being released for the single "Step Into The Water".